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Beyond the Basics: A Guide for Advanced Users of Family Tree Maker 2012

You've mastered the basics. Now it's time to dive in and adapt Family Tree Maker 2012 to work for you and your unique family. Picking up where the Companion Guide leaves off, Beyond the Basics teaches you the best ways to define complex relationships; gives examples of custom reports that can help you organize your family history and become a more effective researcher; and explains techniques to help you design beautiful family tree charts.

Here's just a few of the topics you'll learn about:

  • Using TreeSync effectively
  • Getting the most out of and Family Tree Maker
  • Merging, importing, and exporting trees
  • Entering illegitimate births, multiple spouses, and name changes
  • Creating custom facts
  • Organizing media items
  • And much more…

USD 24.99
Author: Tana L. Pederson
Page count: 344
Language: English
Publisher: Ancestry Publishing
Published: 2011